NUNDA — A free cancer prevention program will be available for anyone who would like to learn how to prevent or lessen the risks of cancer.


UR Medicine’s Wilmot Cancer Institute, the Center for Community Health and the Chronic Disease Prevention Committee of the Genesee Valley Health Partnership will present  this 12-week long program at Trinity Church starting March 21 from 1 to 2:30 p.m.


Healthy Living Livingston runs from March 21 to June 9 at 25 East Street. Participants will need to attend the sessions from 1 to 2:30 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday.  The program is open to adults interested in learning more about how to reduce their risk for common cancers such as breast, cervical, colon, lung, ovarian, prostate and skin.


Community Health Services Director Candice Lucas is spearheading this class for the first time in this area to partner with the cancer center.


“We are doing this for community health,” she said. “We are doing it over a period of 12 weeks to help people learn the risks and help promote healthy lifestyles.”


Participants need to be 18 or older. These are adult classes only. 


Each interactive session will focus on the importance of physical activity and healthy eating. Classes are taught by nurses, doctors and other health professionals.


“The Genesee Valley Health Partnership is proud to sponsor this innovative cancer prevention program,” said Noyes CEO Amy Pollard. “The Healthy Living Livingston program is a vital initiative of the Livingston County Community Health Improvement Plan.”


“This program is a unique way to bring cancer prevention and healthy lifestyle information to community members in a setting that is most comfortable for them,” said Lucas.            Lucas said this program has been very successful in Monroe County. Now they are ready to bring this program to our area.


“There are certain cancers that can be prevented, and we will encourage screening. They can find out early before it turns into cancer,” she said. “I will be giving some classes, and other classes will be given by local experts in the community. We want to keep them fresh and entertaining.”


There is usually a core group of people that come every single week. People are encouraged to come to each class since they will talk about different cancers each week.


“We want to get people interested and have feedback on how we can improve the classes,” Lucas added. “We hope to do one in the fall as well for those who are working, and can’t make it to the 1 p.m. classes.”


The church is a neutral place for people to meet for the classes, and it can fit a lot of people.


“We hope this will be a true benefit to the community, and hope they inform us as we go along on how to get better,” Lucas said. “We want to create a beneficial program. This will make people relaxed.”


Lucas added she wants the community to help them grow together and embrace the cancer prevention program.


To learn more about the program or to register, contact Candice Lucas at (585) 224-3070 or