LIVONIA — A Scottsville man lost his life in a tragic work accident at the Crops Productions Services, and the investigation is ongoing. 


John J. Higgins, 50, was a victim of an industrial accident on Wednesday at about 10:19 a.m. at 5833 Big Tree Road. 


"The initial investigation by the Sheriff's Office has determined that employees from Crop Productions Services were unloading fertilizer from a covered hopper rail car. Three employees were working from the bottom of the rail car, while the product was being unloaded from a bottom chute," Sheriff Thomas Dougherty said. "At a point during unloading, the product became stuck. In an attempt to clear the jam, two employees continued working near the bottom chute and one employee went to the top of the rail car. The employee at the top of the rail car entered into the cavity and became trapped. When the other employees realized what had happened they immediately called for help."


First responders from the Sheriff’s Office, Lakeville Fire Department, Livonia Fire Department, Livonia EMS, and the Livingston County EMS were dispatched to the incident. Unfortunately, when emergency responders arrived on scene, Higgins was found to be deceased.


The Sheriff’s Office, Criminal Investigations Division, is conducting the death investigation.


Due to the nature of the incident, additional units from surrounding agencies assisted in the recovery efforts. Those agencies include the Livingston County Emergency Management, Monroe County Special Operations, Rochester Fire Department Special Operations, York Fire Department, and New York State Fire.