DANSVILLE — As a child watches their home go up in flames, survives a car accident, or is involved in any other traumatic event they need something to comfort them.


Tommy the Moose has been bringing comfort to over 100,000 children since 2002.


On Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. the Dansville Moose Lodge will present Tommy the Moose stuffed animals to the Dansville Fire Department, Dansville Ambulance Department, and Dansville Police Department. Each department will get a dozen of these comfort keepers to store in their vehicles for when they go on calls that involve children.


Dansville Chapter No. 670 Women of the Moose Senior Regent Sheila Freas said the Dansville Moose Lodge has not done this in about eight years, and they want to get back into it.


“It is an international program,” she said. “We are trying to get back into it.”


If the departments run out of the stuffed animals the lodge will replenish their stash.


“We will present these stuffed animals to the heads of the departments,” Freas said. “We will give them each a dozen of the Tommy’s. They will be in a little plastic bag to keep them clean and dry. They usually keep them stashed in their cars. They will take them back to their departments and disperse them as needed.”


The Women of the Moose, Men of the Moose, and Moose Riders will be at the event to present to the departments.


“It is something to help the young child,” Freas said.. “I think it is a wonderful program for these kids who are struggling with whatever is going on with their life at the moment. It will be nice to do something for the kids of the community. We try to do stuff for the kids, but we don’t always get a lot of opportunities. We thought it was time to get back out into the community. We want them to know that the Moose is out there to support the community.”


Freas said the Dansville Moose Lodge is one of the only larger buildings left in the community that can handle big events.


“It is becoming the place to have all of the events,” she said.


This event is not open to the public. It is only for the departments and club officials.


For more information about Tommy the Moose you can visit the website at http://www.tommymoose.org/index.asp