WAYLAND — It was an eventful night for the Wayland Rotary Club during the last meeting of the year when the creators of our local human foosball came to ask for ideas.


Paul and Martha Robinson created the Human Foosball Court three years ago, and have donated $2,500 to Vincent House over the summer.


“We wanted a day of fun for everyone,” Paul Robinson said.


Robinson wants to donate to the Wayland Rotary Camp, do a memorial for Jane Mark, and possibly do more games this year.


Wayland Rotarian Anne Bastine was one of the players in the Vincent House game, and she loved it.


“It was so well planned out, and there was so much detail,” she said. “It was amazing for Paul and Martha to do that. I loved every minute of it. We had old and young teams.”


There are 14 teams and the games are played in about 15 minute increments. The overall event lasts about four hours.


The Robinson’s asked the Rotary for ideas and help with the events. The Rotary did not decide anything at this meeting. However, the Wayland American Legion offered to help if needed.


Martha Robinson said that they would need help with insurance on the events so they don’t lose their home.


Paul Robinson said they would need help with the food and drinks.


“This was my first time doing a big event like this,” Paul Robinson said about the Vincent House game.”I had wonderful people volunteering all day. I felt bad that these people were stuck at their duties for so long. We would like to partner with the Wayland Rotary.”


Wayland American Legion Post Commander Kevin Mark said they would help with the food part of the game.


Paul Robinson would like to build a smaller court for the children to play on, but is still brainstorming that idea.


Martha Robinson said that there were about 200 people who came last summer including the teams.


“We had so many people come just to watch the game,” she said.


Paul Robinson added that they made more money off of the raffles than the actual game.


“Most people know about Vincent House so they were willing to donate,” he said.


There will be more discussion about the possibility of a Human Foosball and Wayland Rotary Club partnership at a later date.