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Tempers flared in a recent Legends Football League game — that’s where the players are women and their uniforms consist of lingerie and a little padding. Helmets were swung, coaches were punched, foul language was used, underwear was … well, the underwear stayed in pretty good shape.


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College football begins tonight (yes, Georgia State, we know you played last night, and no disrespect, but … well, your game didn’t really count) and Twitter takes a pass at coming up with the #WorseCollegeMascots. (Grammar alert: Yes, it really should be #WorstCollegeMascots, but let’s leave the correcting duties to Kelsey Grammer, as he’s really good at it.)

Hot Video: Payday up front, party in the back

Before he was television’s highest-paid actor, Ashton Kutcher still had something to be proud of: a sweet, sweet mullet. On a Throwback Thursday, here’s the photographic proof.

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