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  • The Talker: Rapper explains why he severed his penis

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    Rapper Andre Johnson, who was severely injured in April when he severed his own penis and leaped from the second floor of a building, confirms that, yes, he was under the influence of drugs when he did what he did. But, no, that’s not the main reason he decided to cut off his stuff. It’s because it was the cause of all his problems and really only meant for mortals. He doesn’t need mortal stuff, you see, as he is “a god.”
    Trending on Twitter
    New York Yankees icon Derek Jeter played in his final All-Star Game last night, and #JeterSC has held a high spot on Twitter ever since. People are glad the shortstop went out on a high note.
    Hot Video: Jennifer Aniston rips off Cosmo Kramer
    In a classic episode of “Seinfeld,” Kramer comes up with a plan for a perfume that smells like a day at the beach, before that conniving Calvin Klein ripped off his million-dollar idea. Now Jennifer Aniston is in on the heist, marketing a scent of her own that she says is reminiscent of a day of sun and sand. Somebody get Jackie Chiles on the phone and see if Kramer has a case.

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