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  • Video of the Day: Dust-up at the demolition derby; Styx and Foreigner still exist

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    In the biggest scandal to rock the sport since the Malachi brothers attempted to sabotage Pinky Tuscadero’s car (thankfully they were thwarted by the cool action of one Arthur Fonzarelli), a brawl broke out during a halt in derby action at a recent county fair. Fans even got into the action, leaping “like gazelles” over barricades. The question remains whether this noble sport can endure such tarnishment.

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    Rocky” marathon (all day, AMC) - On a night with an otherwise poor selection of television viewing, AMC comes to the rescue with an all-day marathon of “Rocky” movies. And only the good ones. That means no having to sit through the painfully awkward “Rocky V.”
    Worst of the Day
    Tour buses for Styx and Foreigner caught fire Wednesday when the bands were in Philadelphia to play a music festival. No one was injured and most equipment had already been removed before the fire. 
    In other news: Styx and Foreigner are still around. 
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