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  • The Talker: Teen girl whips pitches past MLB hitters; J-Lo gets meta

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    Something to Talk About
    Chelsea Baker, a 17-year-old Florida girl, throws a mean knuckleball, a pitch that might lack in speed, but flits unpredictably thorugh the air. Maybe it’s not surprising she has such a good one, since she learned it from none other than all-time great knuckler Joe Niekro, who was her Little League coach. On Monday she had the chance to throw batting practice to the Tampa Bay Rays, and she proved once again that nothing can make a big-league hitter look quite as bad as a quality knuckleball. Even when thrown by a high school girl.
    Trending on Twitter
    With the news that LeBron James will opt out of his remaining contract with the Miami Heat and again become a free agent, fans of his old team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, are hoping some #CavsGoodKarma might land him back in that city. It’s a nice sentiment, although something to do with a huge paycheck might be a more appropriate hashtag.
    Hot Video: Jennifer Lopez gets all meta
    Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez first gained national notice when she played singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez in a 1997 film based on Selena's too-short life (she was murdered in 1995). Now J-Lo has said if a movie were to be made about her own life, she would like to be played a singer/actress named Selena — Selena Gomez, specifically.

    A Lopez biopic would presumably include scenes of Selena playing Lopez playing Selena. Got all that?

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