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  • The Talker: Uncle Joey says you oughta know it wasn't him

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    The rumor has long been that Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know,” the angriest of her angry songs, was written about actor Dave Coulier. You know, the funny one from “Full House.” At times Coulier has even admitted he believes he is the subject of the song. But now he’s changed his tune. He thinks you oughta know he is not the man who was bugged in the middle of dinner and never even told Alanis he’d hold her until he died.
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    Don Zimmer wasn’t part of Major League Baseball forever, it just seemed that way. When the beloved, gerbil-faced player/manager/coach/consultant passed away yesterday, his name shot up on Twitter trends. Fond memories and great photos dominate.
    Hot Video: The mariachi-est class prank ever
    Seniors at a California high school were torn. They really wanted to play one last gag on their principal, but they also really wanted to see a mariachi band roaming the school hallways. In a burst of youthful innovation, they combined the two and hired mariachis to follow the principal for a few hours, serenading all the while. Because every principal should have his own theme music.

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