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  • Video of the Day: Baby goat doesn't appreciate being called 'wimpy'

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    You know what really gets a kid’s goat? Calling it a wimp. This little lamb (no, baby goats aren’t actually called “lambs,” but just go with it in the interest of alliteration) muscles up after its first timid bleat, and lets loose with a great one.

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    2014 NBA Finals, Game 1 (9 p.m. EDT, ABC) - Outside the state of Florida, pretty much everybody wants the San Antonio Spurs to bump off the Miami Heat as NBA champion. Whether they can actually best LeBron and pals, well, that’s a long way from certain. Play begins tonight.
    Worst of the Day
    Before “Stairway to Heaven” became a running joke, before every copycat classic-rock radio station in the land began “Getting the Led Out” at 5 p.m. each day, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant ruled the rock airwaves. Those days were known as “the ‘70s” and are long gone. Now the two former Zeppelin-mates really don’t care much for each other. The latest bit of sniping has Plant telling Page to “go to sleep and have a good rest.”
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