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  • The Talker: Ditch work early today; toe-wrestling championship

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    Go on, head home early today. Since June 2 is “National Leave the Office Early Day,” you have no excuse not to. The observance — which is long overdue to become an official national holiday — was created in 2004 by an employee efficiency expert, with the goal of getting people to focus on tackling tasks immediately, instead of putting them off and adding hours to the work week.
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    Hey hey hey! The live-action “Fat Albert” movie aired this morning on BET and Twitter quickly warmed up to the charm of the Cosby Kids. Although still no one has a great explanation for why Dumb Donald wears that stocking cap pulled completely over his face.
    Hot Video: There’s nothing fake about toe wrestling
    The world championships for toe wrestling and shin kicking were both held in England over the weekend. In other news, toe wrestling is a sport. As is shin kicking. And Americans still like them both more than soccer.

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