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  • Video of the Day: 50 Cent throws lefty, but maybe he shouldn’t

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    50 Cent is a man of many talents. He can rap, he can act, he runs a fantastically profitable vitamin water company. What he can’t do, though, is throw a baseball. Fitty — who throws left-handed, but maybe he shouldn’t — had the honor of tossing out the first pitch before a New York Mets game, and unleashed one of the worst pitches ever seen at Citi Field.

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    NOVA: D-Day’s Sunk Secrets” (9 p.m. EDT, PBS) - The invasion of France 70 years ago featured the largest naval armada ever assembled. Hundreds of ships sank and other equipment lost beneath the waves as the landings were made. Now a collection of military historians, archaeologists and specialist divers carry out the most extensive survey ever done of the seabed bordering the Normandy beaches. The teams use submersibles, underwater robots and 3-D mapping tools to discover, identify and plot the relics on the sea floor.
    Worst of the Day
    Newly signed Tennessee Titans backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst and veteran punter Brett Kern both wanted to claim jersey No. 6 as their own, so they decided to settle the matter with a friendly contest. They’d arm wrestle, with rights to the number as the prize. We say again: arm wrestle. A quarterback. Who makes his living throwing the ball. With his arm. Against a punter. A guy who kicks the ball a few times a game.
    Chalk this one up as a win for the dude with the leg. Kern — likely after hours spent watching the Sylvester Stallone classic “Over the Top” in preparation — pinned Whitehurst.
    There can be only one number six.
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