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  • The Talker: In today’s helpful tip, we remind young drivers that breathing is important

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  • Something to Talk About
    An Oregon teen who fainted while holding his breath and driving through a tunnel caused a three-vehicle accident. An Oregon state police official, likely echoing the same thoughts of the young driver’s parents, said he has no idea why the teen did what he did.
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    When infatuation ends, it’s time to post your own #YouWereCuteUntil tweet. A favorite from the ghost of King Henry VIII: “#YouWereCuteUntil you didn't produce the male heir you PROMISED”
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    A Cornell University study has pinpointed exactly what it takes to fill your beer glass in just the right way. The angle of the pour is important, but it turns out that much of what makes the ideal beer is out of your hands. It depends on the brew’s barley lipid transfer protein No.1. You know, beer science.

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