By Judy Tripp-Neu

Genesee Country Express

SPRINGWATER — Monday evening the Springwater Town Board passed a resolution to establish new water rates for those residents on town water. Those who use the minimum amount of water quarterly (10,000 gallons or less) will see a minor reduction in the base quarterly rate from $93 to $85, but those using more than 10,000 gallons will see an increase.

The resolution reads as follows:

A $85 base for the first 10,000 gallons

A $4 for each thousand gallons or any part thereof

No fee is listed for obtaining a water application; there is, however, a $20 per hour PLUS parts for any meter service work.

It will cost the customer $10 to have the water shut off or turned on at the curb stops; $150 for the meter deposit PLUS water usage for any/all temporary connections with an approved permit; and $750 to have new service installed. The $750 new hook-up fee supplements past debt.

It was also discussed on the record that all bills are generated after meters are read by an approved meter reader employed by the town and no resident can estimate their own bills. If residents have questions regarding their water bills, they are to notify the town to have the meter checked. If the meter is found to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced. Any bills not paid in full will have late fees added to them.