This is in response to all of the letters to the editor and all of the articles involving the Town of Hornellsville. Enough is enough. My letter will be short and simple, so no one gets bored or confused by law names and numbers.

First for Hot Dog: Keep your letters and comments on your webpage where people who follow you and are interested in your ideas can follow. If the people of the Town of Hornellsville believe some of your accusations, some of them might show up at the Town Board Meeting. I am ashamed for you for the money you spent on all of these articles. Do you know what a local food pantry or The Humane Society could do with that money? In addition, I’m sure the taxpayers would be curious how much you are costing them with your frivolous inquiries and requests.

Second to Mr. Libordi: I am sorry for you that you felt threatened by a 65-year-old woman who is 1/3 your size and has two bad knees. No one should ever feel threatened for their life like that. As a teacher in the community, it shocks me that you are teaching our children and are setting an example for them, while you, yourself, are displaying bullying behavior.

Third, to both men: I am not sure if one of you wants my dad’s high stress, low paying, and thankless job. However, please feel free to run for the office next term. I wish you both could have it and go through the dealings of someone like yourself. I am not a church going woman, but I pray for both of you and hope someday that you get rid of the hate and you can enjoy your years loving your family and friends.

To my Mom and Dad: I’m proud of both of you for all of the good that you do and the sacrifices that you make for your community. Unfortunately, only the negative seems to be highlighted in the newspaper.

Lori Isaman