Last reminder of the Perkinsville Fire Company's 50 week lottery party this Saturday at the Perkinsville Rod and Gun Club from 1 to 4 p.m. Ticket holders and a guest are welcome.

Sunday's winner of the 50 week club at the Perkinsville Fire Hall was Karen Wheaton of Atlanta.

Don't forget, the Wayland Historical society's upcoming Garage Sale is in August. We're asking for donations. Please check the posters to find out when and where donations can be brought in. We appreciate your support.

It's that wonderful time of year when fresh, local vegetables are available. Jane Mark's self-service produce stand is now open. It's on the honor system.

Dansville's local growers have their vegetable stands open on Fridays near the airport. I know fruits and vegetables are available all year round in the super markets, but they are not home grown and are not picked tipe which makes a big difference in taste. There's no comparison to our local berries, cherries and veggies. Enjoy that good taste.

How many remember drinking raw milk delivered by local farmers? How many remember the difference in taste, especially in the spring when the cows were back in the pasture after months spent in the barn.

Joan Zone from Salt Lake City is here visiting her mother, Viola Bricks.

Anniversary congratulations to Bob & Sara Didas on the 13th.

Quote: "Sometimes no matter how closely you follow her recipe, our cooking just doesn't taste as good as Mom's."

That is so true. How many of us have heard that remark at some point while gathered around the dinner table?