Genesee Country Express

DANSVILLE – Daniel Williams, the owner of two properties in the Village of Dansville and one in Town of Sparta, has been linked to an FBI investigation, confirmed the Village of Dansville's code enforcement officer Tammy Malone-Hubbard.

Citing an FBI report, an article in the Livingston County News reported that Williams purchased a house at 246 Main St. in Dansville, the former King's Daughters Home assisted living facility at 26 Health St. in Dansville and a 20-acre plot on Parker Hill Rd. in Sparta with embezzled money. All three properties have been seized by the US Treasury Department.

The property on Main St., Health St. and Parker Hill Rd. properties were most recently assessed by the Livingston County Assessor's Office at $203,100, $351,700 and $30,500 respectively. Williams, a British citizen, is still listed on the county's tax rolls as the owner of the properties. He remains at large and is not, as of yet, facing prosecution.

The Livingston County News' article went on to explain that Williams embezzled nearly $1 million during his two-year tenure as the CEO of the Global Pine Corporation. Citing an FBI report, the LCN reported that Williams confessed during a September 13, 2013 interviews that he stole money from investors.

Although the properties' seizure occurred in October of 2013, the Livingston County News reported they are not listed listed on the Treasury Department's real estate auction website.