Editor's note: Judy Tripp-Neu of Springwater filed the following first person account of a night of rain and flooding.

SPRINGWATER — Sometimes the weathermen do get it right! All week the weather forecasters had predicted that Thursday night might bring a deluge to our area. After hearing the NOAA weather channel forecast the same ominous message after midnight, I decided I had better be prepared in case the creek I had observed all week growing wider and wider jumped its banks. The house sits only about 500 feet from the creek and I live on the flat land of Depot Road.

The cell phone was charged, cameras were in my purse, dog food was close at hand, kitty litter changed and cats given extra food, Computer was sitting on the table near my purse and a change of clothing was in my overnight bag with the required toiletries. I knew this would not be a flash flood similar to what we experienced twice in 2008 because the Highway Department has made tremendous efforts after those events to deepen the feeder stream pathways, remove debris and install larger culverts to accommodate the rushing water before it can jump its banks and spill across the roadways.

As the hours passed in the early morning and the rain pounded unceasingly on the roof, the sounds of the normally placid creek seemed to get nearer and nearer. I waited and listened. About 4:00 a.m. I finally stretched out next to two lazy cats on the sofa and closed my eyes.

As anyone who has raised a few children can tell you, the slightest change in the atmosphere will awaken you instantly so when the front door opened at 6:30 a.m, my eyes flew open. My son, the fireman, said "Mom, you have about 15 minutes to get out of here," and I did not hesitate.

The water was not in the yard but the creek had breached its banks and was filling up the field across the road. I called my neighbor who lives far enough away to be an observer and not a potential victim of the rising waters, called the owner of the horse to have him moved to dry land, grabbed the puppy from his warm bed and left, I also grabbed a camera and took a few pictures.