DANSVILLE — The Dansville Planning Board saw blue prints Tuesday night for a Taco Bell that is expected to open at the old Shaver Collision location at 135 Franklin Street in Dansville.

The planning board met during the regular village board meeting and Dansville Mayor Peter Vogt said the company looking to bring in the Taco Bell is checking to meet all zoning regulations.

The building has been vacant just over three years, village officials said. It is located between Tops Friendly Markets and Wentworth Motors.

"From what I understand, it's not a KFC/Taco Bell, just a Taco Bell," Vogt told the village board.

After the meeting, Vogt admitted, "I like Taco Bell, so this is a good addition to Dansville."

Vogt said while most of the jobs are in line with what a fast food restaurant pays, he said any job creation is good. He also credited the traffic off Interstate 86 for the business.

In other action Tuesday night:

• Dansville Chief of Police Charlie Perkins gave a report on crime, which has kept officers busy the last few weeks.

"We've had a lot of assaults lately, we had a guy strangle a woman to the point of passing out, a woman assaulted a man, a 72-year-old man was head-butted, another person was assaulted with a baseball bat, we had a stolen car and half a dozen drunk drivers," Chief Perkins said. "On the DWI's, the lowest (blood alcohol level) we had was .20 percent (.08 percent is a DWI charge).

"Some of them were as high as .23 percent. When humans get in the range of the low two's, you get a lot of attitude," Chief Perkins continued. "They are not drunk enough to be quiet and they are not sober enough to be passive."

There was a comment of concern that an officer recently was challenged to a fight while on patrol alone.

"We had two officers on duty, one was tied up with a DWI and the other had to respond to an incident. When the officer got there, he was challenged to a full-fledged fight and as luck had it, the officer won," said Chief Perkins. "We try to keep staffing levels down Sunday through Wednesday and during the day shifts, but these are taking place at all hours. The assault with a baseball bat took place at two in the afternoon."

Chief Perkins also said officers have made a few arrests in connection with recent vandalism on Main Street.

He also reported $7,000 is being freed up through county DWI funds to help pay for a new car.

• The ambulance contract was approved to be extended until a new contract is negotiated. The old one expired in October of 2013. The board hopes to have a new contract in place in three months.

• The village will send two pieces of equipment to auction, a one-ton truck and a one-year-old John Deere tractor. If the tractor does not get a set price it will come back.

• Trustees approved a resolution to help residents and property owners pay off delinquent water bills. If they pay the current bill they can make payments on the past due amount without getting their water shut off. The partial payments (of at least 10 percent) will continue through September 3.

"This is cleaning up a mess we inherited," said Vogt.