NUNDA—Incumbent Jack Morgan will not be returning for a second term after he was beat out democratic challenger Robert Cox in the Nunda Village elections Tuesday night.

Cox won the mayoral race with 56.94 percent of the voters giving him their vote.

“I’m looking forward to working with the people of Nunda,” Cox said.

The new mayor-elect has sat on the Village board twice in the last 12 years. He served as trustee from 2006-2010 but lost his re-election. A year later, Cox was voted in again as Village trustee during a special race.

“We’re going to move forward as a Village just as we have since I’ve sat on the board,” Cox said.

The lifelong Nunda resident making fairness his top priority during his time as mayor.

“We need to make sure everyone is treated equally by the village board,” he said. “No one will be getting any kind of special treatment.”

Republican James Mann continue as Village Justice after he ran unopposed in this election.

Fritz Amrhein, democrat, and Darren Snyder, republican, will fill the vacant trustee positions.

Amrhein plans on growing with the community as well as listen to residents concerns. Snyder, who previously ran for trustee, has his sights on keeping taxes under control.