DANSVILLE—The results from the Dansville-Keshequa pre-merger study will be reviewed and discussed during a special meeting Thursday night.

The meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Dansville GCC campus auditorium, will discuss whether going forward with a merger would have any fiscal and educational benefits for the districts.

Castallo and Silky Education Consultants employees Bill Silky and Alan Pole will present their findings and answer any questions from the school board and community members.

The pre-merger feasibility study got the okay in December and has spent the past few months examining more than two dozen areas that include information on the districts. Some of the areas Silky and Pole examined were student enrollment, instructional programs, facilities, transportation, staffing and financial data.

Floor plans of each building, including uses for each room, administrative organizational charts, capital budget projects, course offerings and interscholastic athletics were also among the areas looked at.

“We would be doing our students and injustice if we didn’t look into it,” Keshequa board member Monica Morris said when approving the pre-merger study.

The Keshequa district has been stripped to “bare bones” according to Covell, which prompted his district to approach Dansville with the idea of a merger.

Three years ago, Dansville invited local districts to consider a full or partial merger as they were heavily struggling financially. Dansville’s financial position forced them to close a school building, cut 50 jobs and eliminate electives.

And while Alioto is confident with their current financial position, he knows their future is still unclear.

If the findings of the pre-merger study prove to be educationally and financially beneficial to both districts, the school boards would have to decide if they want to participate in a full-merger study.

A full-merger study would provide a more detailed analysis of the benefits and risks of a merger for both districts. That step would compare employee contracts and benefits as well as electives that could be offered in a high school.

The pre-merger feasibility workshop will be Thursday, March 27 at the Dansville GCC campus auditorium beginning at 7:00 p.m. It is open to the public.