DANSVILLE--Most high schools teach the normal subjects; math, history and English, but Dansville Senior High School went a step further this semester. The sophomore class officers and executive committee set up a district-wide fundraising effort to help support the new emergency department at Noyes Hospital.

The effort, Jar Wars, challenged each class to donate money by putting their spare change and bills into the jars. In total, the district was able to raise $1,115.90 for the emergency department.

“We can’t thank the school enough for this,” Noyes CEO Amy Pollard said. “We wouldn’t be able to complete the e.d. without the support of our community.”

Jar Wars began as a school-wide fundraiser but moved to encompass the entire district when the primary school felt left out, according to co-vice president Vanessa Vegder.

The officers and committee members enjoyed giving back to their community, but said counting and rolling all the coins wasn’t one of their favorite memories.

“Counting the bills wasn’t too bad,” Vegder said. “The coins took a while, though.”

Mary Roodenburg and Kim Derrenbacher, the Class of 2016’s advisors, said they were proud of their students and their efforts.

“We [the school] are always asking for money from the community,” said Derrenbacher. “So it’s nice to give back to the community.”

Pollard said the fundraising effort throughout the community has brought Noyes to 92 percent of their goal. And while she said the last $150,000 is going to be the hardest, seeing young community members step forward to help shows her it won’t be that bad.

“This helps, it really does,” she said. “They have great leadership and that’s what we need. I hope they’ll be role models for other students and community members.”

The emergency department is set to open in June and Pollard said the hospital will be announcing public tours in mid-spring so the community can see what they’ve worked so hard to help build.

And no one gave up more than the students in Dansville:

“Some serious sacrifices were made for this,” Vegder said. “People even gave up their ice cream!”