A man involved in a robbery gone wrong June 18, 2013 in Corning was sentenced Thursday to 16 months to 4 years in state prison.

A man involved in a robbery gone wrong June 18, 2013 in Corning was sentenced Thursday to 16 months to 4 years in state prison.

Brendan Mattei, 19, of Corning, pleaded guilty to second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a class C felony; first-degree attempted robbery, a class C felony; fourth-degree conspiracy, a class E felony; and first-degree falsifying business records, a class E felony. He will serve sentences on those charges concurrently.

Mattei, along with Coty Ferris, 18, also of Corning, attempted to rob the occupants of a Jennings Street residence while armed with a gun.

Mattei was picked up by police several hours after the incident. They located him on West Fifth Street and took him into custody after he twice tried to flee, authorities said. Ferris was arrested without incident at a West Sixth Street apartment.

Mattei was charged with falsifying records for giving a statement to police claiming he wasn’t involved in the incident.

At a hearing Thursday, however, Mattei said he didn’t admit to the facts of the conspiracy charge that he had planned the attempted robbery along with Ferris, who also pleaded guilty.

Steuben County Judge Marianne Furfure asked him if he had agreed to plead guilty on that charge to avoid a possible consecutive sentence, which would have extended his potential prison time.

“Yes, Your Honor,” Mattei said.

Furfure also agreed to grant Mattei youthful offender status in the case.

She dismissed defense attorney Philip Roche’s suggestion that the identity of the victims as, in his words, “well-known drug dealers,” was a mitigating factor in the case. Roche also said that Mattei “immediately fled” rather than escalating the incident after the victims resisted.

But Furfure said the fact that the crime seemed motivated by Mattei’s substance abuse problem (he was attempting to steal marijuana, according to prosecutors), and that he hadn’t hurt anyone else despite being armed with a loaded 9mm handgun, were mitigating factors in her judgment.

The only injury in the incident was to Mattei himself, who apparently accidentally discharged the gun in a struggle with the victims and wounded himself in the hand.

Furfure also noted his “minor, if not non-existent” criminal history, his attaining a GED while in the Steuben County Jail and his attempts to be a good parent to his children.

The judge also issued orders of protection barring him from future contact with four individuals related to the case, presumably the victims.

After issuing her sentence, Furfure told Mattei he was being a given a chance, by a relatively short sentence, to take his life in a better direction.

“You’re a young man, Mr. Mattei, and your life can go in one of two directions,” she said.

Ferris will be sentenced at a later date.