LIVINGSTON CO.—At least one victim has come forth to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office to warn of an ongoing scam in the county.

A Livingston County resident was contacted by a person who identified himself as an attorney for the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, according to the Sheriff’s Office. The person advised the victim she would need an attorney to collect her $250 million prize money and offered to act as her attorney, for a retainer fee. He then gave her instructions on how to obtain a prepaid cash card. The victim did this and forwarded the money to the suspect.

“This is a scam, and the victim has had the money stolen from her,” said Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty in a news release.

All residents are warned that they need to be aware that these types of schemes are common among criminals. Dougherty also warns community members to not send money, via a prepaid card or money transfer, to someone they don’t know.