WELLSVILLE — The east side of North Main Street, from Genesee Street to Central Place, was not rezoned Monday night to allow a tea room and bakery business project to move ahead.
At its regular meeting, the Village Board of Trustees considered a Planning Board request to extend?commercial zoning to include that segment of North Main. A motion was made, but not seconded, which meant the rezoning request didn’t come to the floor for a vote.
“We have a motion, but we do not have a second, so we can’t go forward,”?said Mayor Judy Lynch.
The business, the Duke House Team Room &?Bakery, would have been owned by Nancy Meyers.
Attorney Brian Schu, representing Central Place residents Peter Giopulos and John and Shirley Giopulos, spoke during the meeting on behalf of his clients. Peter, John and Shirley Giopulos all attended Monday’s meeting as well.
Schu said there were concerns about parking should the zoning be changed, as the Planning Board requested.
“We oppose the change in the zoning for that particular area,”?Schu said. He said he and his clients feel there would be a negative effect on the residential area around Central Place.
“We would hope the board would consider not amending the zoning laws and leaving them residential,” Schu said.
The only other person to address trustees Monday night was Meyers, who said there are other businesses not far from the former Duke house.
Meyers said she put a “substantial” amount of money into buying the old?Duke house, 244 N. Main?St., and having it fixed up. She noted the house had been deteriorating for years.
“It’s hard for me to believe Wellsville would reject a business,”?she told trustees. Trustee Jamie Herman said the board wasn’t rejecting what Meyers was trying to do with the house.
“It’s not rejecting a business. The vote was on changing the zoning,”?he said.
After the meeting, Meyers said, “So many people have expressed their positiveness, their absolute joy to have the Duke House Tea Room and now to have this taken away ... It’s totally discouraging.
“I?am going to meet with the mayor and discuss this with her and see if I?have any recourse. I’m planning to discuss this with the mayor and see what the next step is,”?she said.
Meyers said she hopes people who support her proposal for the Duke house let the Village Board know.
After the meeting, Herman said the rezoning could be considered again. “Any trustee could make a motion to bring that back up,”?he said.