By Brian Quinn
Daily Reporter
WELLSVILLE — Wellsville and Alma owners whose properties have been checked for the ongoing revaluation project will find out more about what happens next at a public meeting in March.
The tentative date for the meeting is March 12 at around 6:30 or 7 p.m. at the David A. Howe Public Library. The date hasn’t been confirmed, said John Zukowski, vice president of Emminger, Newton, Pigeon &?Magyar, Inc. of Buffalo, the real estate appraisal firm doing the reval. Appraisers from the firm have been researching property in the town and village of Wellsville and the town of Alma.
“We’re going to have a public meeting just to discuss where the process is going to go from here,”?Zukowski said.
Zukowski said notices will go out to property owners within several days after the public meeting. He said to his knowledge, the notices will include a property’s assessed value before the reval and the new assessed value, if there’s a change.
Appraisers have looked at around 3,700 properties in the town and village of Wellsville and around 1,000 in Alma.
“We are at the stage of refining the numbers on the properties. We’re probably about a week or so away from making the determination as to what changes are going to take place (on the assessed values). We’ll know that after we do the refinements,”?he said.
Zukowski said the meeting will not be a time for people to challenge assessments. It will include an explanation of the grievance process for those who are unhappy about their assessments when they get the notices.
For those with grievances, the next step would be an informal meeting with Emminger staff. People will be able to call and make appointments and Emminger will block out about a week — primarily during the day, but night and weekend time as needed, Zukowski said.
“We’ll have an informal session where people can come and talk directly to us about their assessments,”?he said. “Mistakes will be made and I know there are mistakes on the (assessment)?roll now and we’re trying to correct that and give everybody the opportunity (to share concerns).”
Zukowski said if, after the informal sessions, property owners are still not satisfied with Emminger’s findings, they may bring complaints to a Board of Assessment Review. The board is not made up of Emminger representatives, but of people from the town.
If property owners still have complaints after that, they can bring them to Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR)?hearings, according to Zukowski. He said the board review and SCAR hearings are available each year, not just when a reval is being done.
“Generally, the reval has gone well. We’ve collected data on every one of the properties,”?he said Monday. “We mentioned that if anyone wanted an interior viewing of their property, we would comply. We did get about a dozen people who called.”
Dar Fanton, Wellsville town supervisor, said he and Assessor Lou Anne Glass are scheduled to meet with Zukowski Thursday for an update on the reval.
“It’s just an update on the schedule, how they’re doing. I talked to him two weeks ago. Basically, they were finishing up the commercial revals,”?Fanton said. “They’ve got the residential all done. They just haven’t submitted the data to us yet. They won’t do that until they get the data on the commercial.”