By Brian Quinn

Daily Reporter

WELLSVILLE — The town will get over $156,000 worth of storm recovery help on Lindy Lane and Miller Road this spring, with most of the money for the work coming from the feds.
Industrial Services was awarded the bid at last week’s Town Board meeting after it submitted a low bid of $156,597. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will fund 75 percent of that cost, around $118,447, town officials say, with the state kicking in roughly $19,075, or 12.5 percent, and the town paying the same.
The work on each road will address water damage caused June 11 by rain and flooding, Highway Superintendent Dean Arnold said.
“They’re both culvert replacements. The culverts were compromised by the high water,”?Arnold said. “The one (pipe)?on Lindy Lane is 65 feet long. The one on Miller Road is 80 feet long, The one on Miller Road is about 30 feet deep.”
Arnold said Industrial Services will do all the work, with the town not being involved. He said Monday that he was waiting for a call from Industrial and would then know more about when the project might start. He said FEMA’s deadline for completion is June 11 — a year after the flooding and rain.
“I?would imagine (the project would begin) as soon as the weather breaks,”?Arnold said. “If the project isn’t going to be completed on time, I?have to file with FEMA?for a time extension and they would have to approve it.
“I?would say the two pipes would be done within two or three weeks,”?he said. “I?don’t foresee any problem at all with this project.”
During the discussion last week, the Town Board was told there were nine bidders for the Lindy Lane and Miller Road recovery work. The high bidder was Dolomite Products, who proposed a bid of around $326,900.
“I thought that was a really good turnout, the nine bidders,”?Arnold said. He said Industrial did the town’s last three FEMA?projects.