WELLSVILLE — Is the economy better or are more people in love?
From what Tami Maglier could gather on Valentine's Day, it might be a little of both.
Her shop, Tami's Floral Expressions in Wellsville had a record day on Friday.
"We were up this year and busier," said Maglier. "I was very happy with how it turned out. I think over the last few years, the economy was down and people are starting to buy. They do not have as much extra income, but Valentine's Day is still a holiday they will buy."
At Doug's Flower Shop in Hornell, owner Becky Canfield said things were busy Friday, both there and at the other flower shop she owns, Berry Vine Creations in Arkport.
Canfield is in her first year as owner of Doug’s Flower Shop and has owned Berry Vine for almost six years.
“It was the typical stuff — the spring mixed bouquets, roses. Of course we sold lots of chocolates, plush animals, like a teddy bear or something like that that we would add on to the arrangement,” she said. “The employees we have that were here before (at Doug’s), they said it was comparable to years past.”
“They did some gorgeous arrangements here as far as spring flowers and that type of thing,”?she said, talking about the orders people placed on Valentine’s Day, before adding, “People, when it’s Valentine’s Day, still want their roses.”
Canfield said Berry Vine closed at 6 p.m. Friday and Doug’s at 7 p.m. after a long day at both shops.
“It was just crazy all day. All day was a busy day for us,”?she said.
Maglier employs two or three people during the year. On Thursday and Friday that number was at 16. "It's definitely worth it, some of us got one hour of sleep, but it went smooth, thanks to my excellent staff," said Maglier. "We had a lot of walk-ins and deliveries and this year a lot of last-minute deliveries. Everyone did a great job. I could not do any of it."
Maglier said there is a shift back to the traditional red roses.
"Red roses are still the most popular no matter how you look at it. We did more dozens of red roses this year compared to other years," she said. "We only had two dozen left, so we ordered what we needed almost down to the exact."