ABOUT RICHARD Treusdell, 81, of Friendship, and his wife,?Kay, were married for 57 years before her death in 2011. Treusdell has two sons and four daughters and was a foster parent for nine children. He graduated from?Belfast Central School in 1950 and later graduated from Simmons School of Mortuary Science in Syracuse in 1969. He has owned Treusdell Funeral Home in Friendship since 1974 and Treusdell Funeral Home in Belfast since 1978.

MILITARY SERVICE Treusdell enlisted in the Army on Feb. 15, 1954, and was discharged as a private second class on July 31, 1956. He was a tank driver and was assigned to Fort Dix, N.J., Fort Knox, Ky., Fort Benning,?Ga., and Germany.

COMMENDATIONS While serving in the Army, Treusdell earned the Army Occupation Medal (Germany) and the National Defense Medal.

IN HIS OWN WORDS I was proud to serve in the Armed Forces. I was awed by what I?saw and the things I?did. We saw a lot of evidence of World War II that had never been cleaned up. It was very sad, some of those things.

The Treusdell files
Name: Richard D. Treusdell
Residence: Friendship
Branch: Army
Rank: Private Second Class
Years of service: 1954-56