LETCHWORTH A second death has taken place in three months at Letchworth State Park.

State Parks Police said a hiker died Wednesday at the Genesee River Gorge at Letchworth State Park.

Around 1:30 p.m. a search team was called in after Park Police said they received a call a man was injured ater falling into the gorge. Parks Police said the rope rescue team was able to locate him.

Emergency officials said they believe the deceased was 22 and while they were able to get to him, they had issues bringing him back up because of the weather.

Police said he fell in the gorge behind the administration building by the lower falls. Park Police have not released the identity of the man. On Nov. 20, 2013, New York State Trooper Ross Riley died at the Letchworth State Park gorge while taking part in a training with the Special Operations Response Team.

Riley, 44, had been a trooper for 17 years. He fell 30 feet off a ledge during the training.