By Brian Quinn
Daily Reporter
RUSHFORD — Rushford Elementary School, closed since the end of the 2011-12 school year, remains empty, but community and school district leaders say they’re still hoping to find someone interested in buying it.
A community group meeting at 7 p.m. today in the Rushford Town Hall is scheduled to get an update from Cuba-Rushford Central School District Superintendent Carlos Gildemeister. The people meeting are looking at starting a business association for Rushford merchants.
“Carlos is supposed to be there and we’re going to talk about the school among other things,” town Supervisor John Jessop said Wednesday. “I believe they’re ramping up with more advertising or better ways to promote it. I?believe that’s what he’s going to share with the group.”
Those who visit the Cuba-Rushford website and click on “Facilities Report,”?will find a link on the left side of the page. The link is a request for proposals for the sale of the building. Clicking on that link will show a list of proposed drawings for use of the space. There are two separate drawings for proposals to use space in the building for medical office suites. There are also drawings for separate proposals for apartments and two more for apartment lofts and other drawings for potential office space.
“I’ve kept it there (on the website) because it is our desire to make sure that building gets into good hands,”?Gildemeister said in January. “The building is for sale. It’s a 49,000-square-foot building with 30 acres of land.
“We’re certainly still looking for a buyer, somebody interested in the building,”?he said. “It’s something that the board and I?take very seriously, that the former Rushford Elementary falls into good hands and benefits the community and, long-term, comes back onto the tax rolls.”
Jessop said the point of contact for those who might have a proposal is the school district.
“I’d like to see us continue through with the original concept plan. I’m not sure if it would be (geared toward)?senior citizens, per se, but some apartments and commercial space,”?he said in January. “It could be some stores, it could be some small shops. The big thing is to find someone who can handle a project like that.”
Aside from Gildemeister’s presentation, tonight’s community meeting will likely include electing officers to represent the potential business association, Jessop said.
“They’re going to elect a chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer,”?he said.