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  • Reality TV Star Lauren Conrad Gave The Best Answer When Asked, 'What's Your Favorite Position?'

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  • Business Insider
    Lauren Conrad is a reality TV star, clothing designer and author, and she was asked an extremely inappropriate question during a 2012 interview with SiriusXM. The interview was recently resurfaced by UpWorthy:
    "What's your favorite position?" she drew from a "mystery bag" of questions. She was forced to answer it live on air.
    She read it out loud, paused for a moment then replied:
    The interviewer high-fived her and said she was "so smart."
    The clip is below and the question begins at the 5:20 mark.
    Here are two GIFs, via Tumblr and Upworthy:
    lauren conrad tumblr ceolauren conrad tumblr ceo
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