The tradition of thanking Yates County employees for their service continued Jan. 13 with the annual Employee Recognition Ceremony during the January Legislature meeting.

Personnel Director Amy Guerreri said the 48 employees were receiving certificates and gifts because of their service for five, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

Legislative Chairman Timothy Dennis thanked each employee who was present at the ceremony. He told the employees, "It's an honor and pleasure to recognize our staff."

Noting the county legislature's mission to protect the safety of the citizens, provide and maintain infrastructure, and provide services,

Dennis said the county employees represent Yates County to the citizens.

The 48 employees represent a total of 600 years of service to the county.

The following employees were recognized:

30 Years (1983):

Donald Danforth and J. Edgar Emerson of the Sheriff's Office; and Deborah Rogers of the Treasurer's office.

25 Years (1988):

Nicholas DiRisio, Sheriff's Office and Suzanne Yonts, Social Services.

20 Years (1993):

Scott Backer, Bradley Quayle, and Francis Ryan, Sheriff's Office; Edward Brockman, Public Defender; Loree Martin and Sherry Morse, Workforce Development; Charles Ryder, Highway; Jeffrey Snyder, Probation.

15 Years (1998)

Diane Caves, Emergency Management; Michael Chapman, Kevin Crofoot, Patrick Manahan and N. Andrew Siwak, Sheriff's Office; Susan Delaire, Social Services; David Hartman, Highway; Helen Scarpechi, Elections.

10 Years (2003)

William Bacher, Cynthia Kuhner, James Palmer, Robert Quayle III, and David Smith, Sheriff's Office; Jason Cook, District Attorney Office; Lois Hall, County Clerk's Office; Gale Jensen, County Attorney Office; Linda Rossi, Probation.

Five Years (2008):

Christine Andrews, Veterans Services; Shawna Bonshak, Planning; Tera Brand, Amy Cramer, Chirsteen Haskins, Elaine Lewis, Leslie McInnis, and Amy Miller, Social Services; Patricia Brede, Real Property; Bradley Conover, Jarrod Dougherty, Richard Lafler, Shawn Lamphier, Patrick McKnight, and Thomas Morris, Sheriff's Office; Amy Daines, Elections; Tanya Hubbard and Erika Martin, Probation.